The Four Goals of Life - Purushartha

Dharmartha kama mokshanam Arogya mulam uttamam

Dharmartha kama Moksanam

There are various interpretations of the four goals of life according to Vedic tradition depending on the source and Sanskrit translation. It may be interpreted as living a wholesome meaningful and honest life with regards to family and social life, finding success in your chosen life path, enjoying material pleasures with the end goal of merging back to our true nature, the place we are from.

Dharma Lifepurpose

Artha Material/financial prosperity

Kama Pleasure (material)

Moksa Freedom/Liberation

Arogyam Mula uttamam

Excellent health is the foundation for achieving these four goals of life.

Arogyam Without disease

Mulam Foundation, root, origin

Uttamam Excellence, highest degree of proficiency

Incentives for wellbeing

Every aspect of our lives can invariable influence our sense of wellbeing. In Vedic times the secret to a life well lived was centred around four goals or objectives of life known as Purushartha.

These four goals were believed to hold the key to a life of happiness, prosperity, meaning and purpose. It was also well understood that mental, emotional and physical health was the foundation for achieving these objectives.

Many of us may find that being healthy for the sake of being healthy acts a short-lived motivator for maintaining a healthy routine. Before we know it we find ourselves back on the couch with a block of chocolate spiralling back into a state poor choices that lead to throwing routine, vegetables and exercise back into the hard basket.

Health and wellbeing requires consistency and discipline. To do this we need to find the incentive to value a healthy lifestyle; a reason to make our health a priority because the capacity in which we can experience life depends on it.

When our lives become engaging and meaningful it becomes easier to make good choices that lead to wellbeing. Our incentive needs to be focused on participating in life rather than for the sake of merely being healthy. To do this we need to create a life worth living. The four goals of life enable us to orientate our lives in a way to enhance our incentive to live well and be well.

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