John was 8 years old when we were at a Doctor for the flu and mentioned some digestive issues he had been having (including stomach aches which had put him at emergency in hospital). Prior to this Doctor we had seen 3 others about this, who could not identify the problem. John was even sent to a psychologist about it, who also said he was fine psychologically and would not need to come back.

The problems persisted, such as involuntary bowel movements and stomach aches. I mentioned to the Doctor when we were there for the flu about these things and he immediately diagnosed constipation. John was put on a strong amount of laxatives and the problems cleared up.

Not wanting to keep an 8 year old on laxatives, the Doctor mentioned Wayne Celeban, the naturopath at Noosa Civic. We had an initial consultation with Wayne, who analyzed John from an Ayurvedic perspective, took him off laxatives and put him on herbal remedies, and slightly changed his diet according to the Ayurvedic analysis. Within 2 weeks, John’s digestive problems were a thing of the past, his eyes were brighter, his body stronger and his dietary requirements described as healthy requests, rather than the junk food that some children want so badly.

Wayne was such a positive influence on this 8-year-old child, that John now quotes him and all I have to say (as his mother) if he wants junk food is, “What would Wayne say?”… Ayurvedic healing has changed John’s life. He understands what was diagnosed of his problem, he understands what happens to food in his stomach, and he understands the Ayurvedic analysis that Wayne presented to him.

If anybody was to have similar problems with digestion, I would suggest Wayne Celeban and Ayurvedic healing. It is understandable, it works, and it has changed John’s life in so many ways. We will continue with this treatment for a lifetime and Wayne’s influence and professional approach will stay with John forever.

J. Grande

There are few teachers in this world with the love, care and compassion to pass on their knowledge with such clarity, common sense and power as Wayne Celeban. I attended one of his talks on Ayurvedic practice as a sceptic and he quietly, expertly and thoughtfully showed me the truth of it. He is a remarkable teacher and a remarkable man. You can learn a great deal about Ayurvedic Naturopathy - and about Life - when you listen to him. He knows.

M. Kellard

Meeting Wayne and Dr Vijay has been one of the best things I have ever done for my health and wellbeing. And I was deeply impressed by the thorough and caring attitude to establish a health care program for my Chronic Inflammation of the Stomach.

This certainly has been beneficial in healing and I am now on the path of self-healing as well. It has been a profound journey.

It is certainly very heartening to know that we have someone with so much in depth healing knowledge and Spiritual understanding here on the Sunshine Coast. I trust Wayne implicitly and his calm aura made me feel at ease immediately.


Approximately 5 years ago I was introduced to Wayne Celeban who subsequently has introduced me to Ayurvedic health care.

I had been a primary school teacher for thirty-eight years and stress was something I did not handle well. As we discussed my health I remember Wayne saying, “if you’d have been under my care you’d still be teaching”. I subsequently started having regular massages, taking some herbal medicines and followed several other suggestions. It was a maintenance program, but it brought a new balance and awareness to my health.

During one of our appointments Wayne suggested a few changes to my treatment plan. It was then that I realised that Wayne was someone who cared and could devise a health plan to suit me and my requirements. Wayne’s care and treatment, along with other factors, have me now back in the work force and thoroughly enjoying that experience again.

J. Hall

My daughter referred me to Wayne after having problems with my digestive system for some time.

We had a very thorough discussion about my problems including my emotional health. The treatments Wayne recommended have been great. I no longer have the problems with my digestive system; the treatment also included support for my emotional health.

I found Wayne to be very professional and thorough with a genuine regard for the welfare of his patients.

I would highly recommend having a consultation with Wayne; to discover the many benefits that Ayurvedic Medicine has to offer.

J. Barker 

Thank you so much for the consultation you gave me on the Alive retreat during June. I’ve been trying as hard as I can to stick to all the guidelines without stopping myself from going out for dinner or lunch with friends here and there. I feel so much more vital as a result and seem to have a lot more energy overall. I’m losing weight and my skin is slowly clearing up too. Still more to go but I can really see definite results already. My gut is vastly improved as well. I actually look forward to the meals I make now and have no cravings for chocolate or fatty foods anymore. Sometimes I still want coffee though!

J. Mackie

I started going to Wayne at the Ayurveda Natural health center in July this year for treatment for tinnitus which I have had for many years but over the previous months had started to effect my quality of life e.g. I was finding it hard to go to sleep at night with the constant high pitched ringing in my ears and also if I woke up in the night I found it hard to get back to sleep.

Wayne did treatments on me over the next couple of months using the shirodhara treatment on my forehead as well as oil treatments on in my ears, head and body massage.

I found these treatments very good as it seemed to calm down my nervous system down and since then the tinnitus no longer bothers me, although it is still there it is greatly diminished and I have no trouble going to sleep, in fact since his treatments, I don’t wake up in the night anymore either.

The final treatment I had with him was Panchakarma which I would recommend to anyone to have once a year if possible as my health and energy levels where greatly improved after this.

I found Wayne to be a very knowledgeable and thorough practitioner with a very gentle and discreet manner. I would highly recommend him to any further clients.

K. Main

It is my very great pleasure to give this reference for Wayne Celeban, who for the past 4 years has been my Ayurvedic Practitioner. He has, during that time, been a wonderful source of information for Ayurvedic lifestyle, as well as the incredible treatment he has given me. Wayne has been very professional throughout and I have always felt comfortable during our sessions.

I attended a retreat at which Wayne was one of the Practitioners and also the cook, of which he is also skilled in the preparing and cooking delicious meals. He has charisma, which attracts people to with his patience and thoughtfulness.

I have no hesitation in recommending Wayne to anyone and I am confident he will achieve anything he so desires. He has immense capabilities and passion for his profession.

I will miss Wayne and our sessions and would like to wish Wayne and his family every success in whatever they desire to accomplish in the future.

J. Britton

For several years, I dealt with the frustration of being physically sick and at the same time, ridden with boils the size of golf balls. Endless tests using modern medicine and always coming out of the doctors room with a prescription of antibiotics and no real explanation, led me to feeling depressed, feeling embarrassed and no understanding of why this was happening. Living on antibiotics for the rest of my life did not seem like the answer.

Sure the antibiotics helped a little with stopping the some of the boils, but never stopped the vomiting every morning, without fail. The impact this has had on me and my family physically and mentally was overwhelming. I tried a herbalist; this worked, a little, but financially was costing me nearly $400 per month. I tried old remedies, dieticians, and health experts but to no avail.

Upon starting a new job earlier this year, a colleague of mine suggested Ayurveda. I tried everything else, so why not? I eventually arranged to meet with Wayne Celeban an Ayurvedic Practitioner. This decision became life changing.

During my consultation with Wayne and his many questions and explanations, so much started making sense as to why my whole body was behaving like this, and what I could change that could start leading me to feeling well and restoring balance. A week later, after drinking this fantastic “ginger tea recipe” from Wayne and following his suggestions with my diet, I stopped being physically sick. As each good day went by, it was almost too good to be true. Words really aren’t enough to describe what this has done for me and how fantastic I feel physically and emotionally.

Wayne spent so much time focusing on eliminating the cause and how to restore the damage. I look forward to continuing my use of Ayurveda medicines and remedies in the future and will recommend Ayurveda to everyone.

N. Dyas

I started going to Wayne in April 2008 as I had previously had several strokes 3 to 4 years ago and had been on blood pressure and cholesterol medications prescribed from my doctor since then. I started going to Wayne weekly for massage treatments ands during that time with his massage and consultations I was able to reduce my blood pressure medication by 75% while still maintaining a normal blood pressure.

During this time I stayed in touch with my medical doctor letting him know what I was doing as well.

I have also been able to come completely off my cholesterol medication.

I have also noticed an improvement in my speech becoming clearer as this was also affected by the strokes. I really enjoyed the treatment and felt Wayne had a very good understanding of my problems and had very good massage technique.

I would thoroughly recommend him to others.

G. Main

18 months ago I started experiencing bloating, digestive issues, reflux, was constantly lethargic and had trouble sleeping.

As a full time personal trainer working for myself I could not cope with these issues, at first I thought I was just burning myself out from all the daily stresses I was putting my body under. This led me down the track of the many misconceptions that the public and media are displaying within today’s society. I spent ridiculous amounts of money and time on hospital procedures, fad diets and even completely cutting out gluten, dairy and eggs! After 12 months of following this approach I was left with next to no results and a completely restrictive diet. I was completely fed up and almost ready to give up.

It wasn’t until I met Wayne who led me along the path of Ayurveda that my life started to look up again. Within one week I was finally noticing the difference!! I must admit I was quite shocked after using such a natural approach and seeing these results. However I soon became aware of how simple health can be with the correct methods and actually listening to your own individual body. Working with Wayne is an absolute pleasure he has continually guided me along my path, teaching me about my body and helping me to lead a healthy positive life. Being the only person to actually help me and I am 100% thankful for his time and new life approach he has built for me. It has now been 6 months following the Ayurveda lifestyle; I am no longer dealing with any of the issues that I used to cope with on a daily basis and finally feeling like myself again. I couldn’t be happier and thankful of Wayne’s services!

So is Ayurveda worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! Your body will no longer rely on nasty prescription drugs only hurting your wallet and your health! You will actually start to look and feel better, the natural way!! By using a natural approach designed around your body type and goals you will be on your way to a happier and healthier you!

Being a part of the health and fitness industry myself my plan is to spread the word about Ayurveda and destroy the many harmful misconceptions present in today’s society. In return this will create a more positive and healthy population! Use food for medicine, it’s that easy!!

  • M. Donelly