Although Tridosha plays an important role in the maintenance and balance of reducing the ageing process and cellular degeneration, it is vital to balance the subtle essences in the body known as Ojas, Tejas and Prana.

According to Ayurveda Ojas, Tejas and Prana are responsible for the finer mechanism related to Vata, Pitta and Kapha which carry out intracellular activities associated with proper cell formation from DNA replication through to the manufacturing of proteins within the cell. From an Ayurvedic point of view it is the breakdown of this subtle activity which gives rise to serious conditions such as cancer.

Ojas - Pure vital essence of human biology

Ojas is moonlike in colour, unctuous in quality and cold in potency, stable moving forth, clear, soft, slimy and is chief among the seats of life: the entire body with all its organs are pervaded by it, and in its absence the body of living beings perish. (Sushruta Samhita, Sutrasthana, ch 15)

The one which dwells in the heart and is predominantly white, yellowish and reddish in colour is known as the ojas of the body: if the ojas is destroyed, the human being will also perish. The form in which the ojas is produced in the body of the human beings for the first time is of the colour of ghee: in taste it is like that of honey, in smell it is like that of a fried paddy (laja). (Ca. Sutra. 17:)

Ojas is the essence the essence of the vital fluids that supplies energy to the different tissues in the body and relates to vitality and immunity. Ojas is considered as the pure essence of all bodily tissues.

It is still unclear as the exact equivalent of ojas in modern medicine, however it maybe likened to a combination of biological substances such as melatonin, oxcytocin, globulin, albumin and various anti-bodies such as opsonins, cytolysins, complement, agglutinins, kupher cells, macrophages, white blood cells, lymphocytes and properdin: all of which are found throughout the various tissue systems to maintain strength and natural resistance against illness. This is known as natural immunity.

Tejas - Cellular intelligence

When food substances have been effectively disassembled by jathara agni they are absorbed into the channels of circulation and make their way to be picked up by various receptors located on the surface of our cells and absorbed. Once they have entered into the cell it is handed over to Tejas. Tejas is responsible for the development of proper cellular formation and governs the correct replication of DNA into tissue building and repairing amino-acid chains.

Tejas is also responsible for clarity of mind and conscious perception. When Tejas is out of balance it may be responsible for the formation of tumours and reduction in immunity.

Prana - Vital life force

Prana is considered as life force or life energy responsible for respiration, oxygenation and circulation within the body. It is the vital essence found in air. You may have experienced the sense of alertness and vitality after swimming in the ocean or climbing mountains ranges where the air is pure and clear.

The seat of prana is located in the head and governs higher cerebral activities such as memory, thought process’s mind and emotions and permeates the subtlest regions of the cells throughout the entire body. Prana is constantly governing all biological functions within the body.​