Join us for our annual Spring cleanse in October. You will feel amazing for it!⠀

Feeling heavy & lethargic? Is your digestion sluggish? Would you like to lose weight, improve the quality of your skin and feel energized?


WHEN: Saturday 26th October 2019
TIME:10am - 3pm (hour break for lunch)
LOCATION: Upstairs Belmondos (yukti therapies centre) 59 Rene St, Noosaville
PRESENTER: Wayne Celeban

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Since ancient times, spring has been regarded as the king of seasons. Symbolizing new beginnings, it's the end of hibernation for many creatures; life re-awakens and rises from the earth in the form of vibrant green foliage and a vast array of colourful flowers in full bloom to greet the return of the sun.

Ayurvedic physicians have always considered spring as the prime season for cleansing and rejuvenation. As coconut oil begins to liquefy, so do various substances in our body as the channels of circulation gradually expands to maintain a homeostatic balance with the environments rising temperatures.

This could be compared to Himalayan glaciers melting in spring that cause the river Ganges to swell in northern parts of India carrying with it accumulated debris from the previous months.

These biological changes also initiate a cleansing type effect as morbid substances that have accumulated in the deeper tissues start to loosen and make their way back towards the channels of elimination. Ayurveda uses this natural seasonal flow in conjunction with specific cleansing methods to prevent the accumulation of qualities that lead to imbalance. These substances are responsible for disturbing digestive and metabolic processes, and often lead to congestion, cough, colds, and hay fever as they become lodged in the upper respiratory tract.

It is essential to understand when to cleanse the body and when to build and nourish in relation to the season. According to Ayurvedic principles if cleansing is not performed at the appropriate time of year it can lead to the depletion of the body and potential complication leading to illness.

Proper cleansing helps to effectively eliminate impurities and restore healthy biological functions, strengthening immunity, bringing about mental clarity and a sense of lightness and wellbeing.

One of the primary objectives of Ayurveda is to establish a state of equilibrium between the individual and the external environment. Good health and vitality is not a final goal but a constant relationship and balance between mind, body and our surroundings.

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