Within Ayurvedic science is a comprehensive system of understanding our unique genetic predisposition or mind-body type known as Prakruti.
This knowledge allows us to explain why we look, feel and think the way we do. It has been used by Ayurvedic physicians for thousands of years to determine specific foods and lifestyle activities bring balance and harmony to body and mind.

▫️Introduction to Ayurvedic anatomy & physiology
▫️Understanding your unique mind-body type and the relationship between irregular, over-active and under-active metabolic types
▫️Identifying you strong and weak tissue systems
▫️Qualities that influence mind
▫️Simple ways to balance your mind-body type through nutrition, herbs and lifestyle

In order to develop an understanding of ourselves, some questions may arise like - Who am I? What am I? What is my true nature? Why do I look the way that I do? Why to think and feel the way that I do? How do I think and feel? Why am I here and where did I come from? Did I come from anywhere at all?

Many of us just accept our lives as normal without really taking the time to contemplate the extraordinary miracle that is Life……. But what is life?

This is the beginning of self-inquiry or “Knowing Thyself”, you may already be asking these questions and for some of us it may become our purpose in life to discover the answers to this great mystery. Yoga is considered as the science of self-realization that is in fact in one of the primary motivators for the inquiry into the sciences of life. Ayurveda was understood as the means for purifying and balancing physical health and wellbeing in order to achieve our purpose, attain wealth, explore our desires and pursue a spiritual path towards enlightenment or liberation from pain, suffering, karma (past action) and the illusion of the material world also known in Sanskrit as Maya. This end goal is ultimately an unhindered relationship with self.

For the sake of this exercise it is important to understand at the very least what constitutes a life experience; the platform on which we experience. If we develop an understanding of our nature we begin to see what is required for its maintenance and balance.

Join us for an exploration of your unique consitution.

WHEN: Saturday 4th of April 10:00 to 2:00pm
WHERE:Yukti Botanicals - 59 Rene St Noosaville ( in Belmondos)
PRESENTER: Waynes Celeban