Longevity is just as much dependent upon healthy strong tissues as it is keeping them free from the accumulation of morbid substances and excess waste products. Cleansing has been addressed in Ayurveda through a branch known as panchakarma or the five methods of elimination. These procedures include the use of emetics, purgation, substances administered through the nasal cavity, enema therapies and bloodletting.

  • Nasya – Nasal therapy
  • Vamana – Emetic therapy
  • Virechana – Purgation therapy
  • Basti – Enema therapy
  • Rakta moksha – Blood letting

These various cleansing therapies are administered at specific times of the year when the seasons support the body’s natural ability to remove toxins. By following these rhythms of nature and carefully adopting the correct methods it becomes possible to avoid complications that can lead to other imbalances associated with eliminating morbid substances, especially those present in the deeper tissues. Many people experience complications when these deeper seated substances in particular fat soluble substances like lead, cadmium and mercury move into the channels of circulation without being properly eliminated from the body which become reabsorbed in other tissues that are vulnerable to their harmful effects.


Another important factor to consider in cleansing is what is known in Ayurveda as Rasayana (“ra-saiya-na)or rejuvenation therapy. After cleansing, the body can become weakened therefore more susceptible to imbalance due to external factors. For this reason it is important to strengthen digestive and metabolic processes and rebuild healthy strong tissues and immune functions.

Ayurveda adopts nutritional therapy as well rasayana herbs that have been used for their life extending properties. If cleansing is done correctly we maximize our potential to digest and absorb nutrients to build healthy strong robust tissues. Rasayana therapy is the knowledge of taking the individual from a state of neutral health to peak performance.

Through the careful art of nourishing and cleansing therapies in accordance with proper times of the year appropriate to the individual - longevity, health and wellness is easily achieved.