Why yukti?

The name yukti was inspired from my internship training at SDM Ayurvedic Hospital & College in Karnataka, India. I was attending clinical training in the Cardiology department observing the cases taken by one the senior cardiologists. I mentioned to one of other Doctors how impressed I was with the Cardiologists' skill, knowledge and efficiency. The Doctor replied "He has ​yukti..." ​

- Wayne Celeban - Ayurvedic practitioner & Naturopath

​Our objective is to infuse everything we do with ​yukti. ​By adapting what works traditionally and applying it to a modern context. Using practical and effective health care solutions, combining thorough understanding of health care; with a common sense approach.

​yukti is a sanskrit word having various meaning depending upon the context in which it is used. In Ayurveda Yukti can be defined as “making connections” in order to establish accurate treatment strategies for promoting health and longevity.

According to classical ayurvedic medicine texts, there are four principles of establishing correct treatment -

​Education - Acquiring knowledge through accomplished teachers having sounds knowledge and experience within their field of expertise.

​Perception - Applying the awareness present when soul, mind, senses and object are in contact.

​Inference - Deriving logical conclusions based on perception and deriving logical conclusions known or assumed to be true.

​Reasoning - The action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way.

*The banishment of sickness through the successful combination of the four principles of medicine is achieved through ‘making connections’. - Charaka Samhitta, Sutrasthana, ch 11, 23:24. Written 2400 BCE.

*Wujastyk, D. (1998). The Roots of Ayurveda. New Delhi: Penguin Books.​​​