​Bashpa Sveda - Herbalised steam bath

Organic rose water infused eye pads keep the eyes cool as the body is heated to approximately 42 Degrees.

Our friendly staff are always available in-store to support you and your health requirements.

Ayurvedic & Naturopathic consultation rooms

Ayurvedic /Naturopathic​ and therapies waiting area. Enjoy a warm cup of our herbal tea and relax...

Ayurvedic facials

Ayurvedic massage oil warmer - Oils are often best applied warm to enhance absorption

Patra pinda sveda

Sage clearing

Ayurvedic herbal mineral foot bath for cellular cleanse therapies

Nasya & Karana purana preparation

Kati Basti​

​Ayurvedic perspectives on improving mental & physical performance, Zenko Yoga Noosaville May18

We like to experiment with flavours and medicinal substances. Hibiscus, ginger, lime and cinnamon tea. (Recipe is on our instagram page)

Sleshaka - Joint support

Balya - Men's tonic

We use the only finest organic, sustainably farmed ingredients

Dashamularishtam - Balances vata, strenghtens the digestive and nervous system

Ashwagandharishtam - Adaptagenic and immune support

Saraswatarishtam - For the mind, memory and cognitive function

Australia's first organic range of compounded Ayurvedic formulas

Timeless wisdom in health care and longevity

Medicated oils and herbal decoctions for body therapies

Elixirs for the whole family

Teeth and gum care

Spices of life specific for your body type