Regular exercise provides a vast range of health promoting benefits that support mind and body. As little as half an hour a day can strengthen digestion, stimulate feel good hormones such as endorphins, regulate metabolism, assist with the removal of waste products, maintain bone density and promote healthy sound sleeping patterns.

Not only does exercise help release beneficial feel-good hormones such as Endorphins, it also aids in regulating healthy levels of Norepinephrine, Serotonin and Dopamine. These chemical compounds are produced in the body and essential for healthy mood. Regular exercise has also been shown to be effective in reducing the harmful pro-inflammatory effects of stress hormones like Cortisol.

Exercise also improves blood flow to the digestive organs that helps facilitate the healthy circulation of nutrients, oxygen and proper elimination of waste products.

Recent studies also suggest that regular exercise may also play a role in increasing a variety of beneficial gut bacteria essential for the proper maintenance of the digestive, immune and nervous system. 30-60 minutes exercise a day is adequate. Try to incorporate a variety of weight-bearing, cardiovascular and stretching activities.

Most importantly find an activity that you enjoy that is both fun and challenging!

Depending on your body-mind constitution (Prakrti) you may use the following as a guide to develop a routine that suits you.

Vata Prakrti exercise

Mild to moderate exercise consisting of mainly weight bearing and stretching and less cardiovascular (don’t overdo it)

Pitta Prakrti exercise

Moderate exercise consisting of a balance weight bearing, stretching and cardiovascular

(don’t overdo it)

Kapha Prakrti exercise

Regular cardiovascular exercise with stretching and less weight bearing (don’t under do it)

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