Ayurvedic physical therapies are amongst the most luxurious of all day spa treatments. They have been highly valued throughout India for over 5000 years for therapeutic and rejuvenative benefits as well as providing a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience that lasts well beyond the treatment.

Therapeutic massage – Abhyanga

Abhyanga is the quintessential physical therapy at the heart of ayurvedic treatments. This classical rejuvenating the detoxifying massage helps to increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

Luxurious warmed traditional herbalized oils are carefully selected to suit your present health and mind-body type to maximize the therapeutic benefits and preserve youthfulness.

These oils are massaged into the skin using various techniques to loosen toxins and enhance immune function leaving the skin soft and supple; and the mind deeply relaxed.

Ayurvedic massage provides a perfect medium for detoxifying, rejuvenating and relieving stress and tension in both mind and body.

Head, neck and shoulder massage – Shiroabhyanaga

Shiroabhyanga is performed by anointing the head, neck and shoulders with specific herbalized oils selected based on your body-type and present health.

Marma point therapy (Aucupressure) is combined with various massage techniques to relieve accumulated tension and stress.

Shiroabhyanga has been traditionally used to improve hair growth, reduce muscular tension and headaches, to improve circulation and aid in strengthening the sense organs.

This blissful experience has also been used to help in reducing nervous tension, anxiety and irritability.


This profoundly relaxing and tranquil therapy consists of a continual stream of warm therapeutic oil pouring rhythmically over the forehead melting away accumulated tension and stress.

Shirodhara is traditionally used to pacify and soothe the nervous system by inducing a deep state of relaxation. This blissful therapy is ideal for reducing anxiety, insomnia, and improving focus and concentration. Considered as the cream of ayurvedic treatments, you will soon understand why after your first appointment.

Ayurvedic foot reflexology - Padaghata

Padaghata also known as ayurvedic foot reflexology combines the various use of massage strokes, herbalized oils and acupressure therapy (Marma chikitsa).

This treatment commences with a luxurious warm foot soak consisiting of essential oils, ancient mineral flakes and detoxifying ayurvedic herbs to relax, soothe and draw out impurities.

Padaghata has been used in the treatment of various conditions and especially effective in relaxing the nervous system and calming the mind.

Pinda Sveda (Navarakhizi)

Exfoliation massage – Garshana

Garshana or “dry massage” is performed by gently exfoliating the skin using silk gloves. This therapy encourages the first stage of detoxification by stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Garshana prepares the skin for the absorption of ayurvedic herbalized oils used in abhyanga massage to revitalize and further detoxify the body.

Remedial massage

Ayurvedic Facials

Kati Basti

Herbal steam bath – Svedana

This delicious invigorating treatment consists of exposing the body to traditional herbal infused steam to encourage further cleansing and detoxification. The head remains cool, the eyes are anointed with aromatic organic rose water infused eye pads while the body is heated to encourage the elimination of impurities.

This luxurious treatment allows the connective tissue, muscles and nervous system to further relax and encourages the herbalized oils to penetrate more deeply into the tissues.

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