Prakrti is considered as your natural biological constitution that is inherent in all forms of life. This is your body’s optimum functioning state. At the time of conception it is influenced by triguna and the combinations of vata, pitta and kapha within your body leading to your unique mind-body type

  • Prakrti (Natural state)
  • Determined at time of conception (Genetics)

According to Ayurveda, if an individual is to achieve optimum health they must know the nature of their natural state so the appropriate path can be taken to ensure that balance is found. Everyone is made up of a unique combination of triguna and tridosha, therefore understanding the Prakrti of an individual is essential in maintaining good health.


It is important also to understand the nature of your body’s imbalance. Vikrti is the result of the dosha’s in your body becoming out balance with natural law so when the nature of vikrti is recognized the appropriate line of treatment can be implemented to restore prakrti (balanced state).

  • Based on season and age (Temporal)
  • Based on diet and lifestyle (Acquired)

For example: if your Prakrti is pitta predominant, pitta is the likely dosha to become imbalanced simply because it is the most predominant quality within you (i.e tissue systems, channels of circulation, mind and sense organs.If you indulge in pitta increasing food such as chili’s and fried food your pitta qualities (hot, sharp, penetrating mobile, oily) will increase and this will become your vikrrti.