For thousand of years Autumn and Spring have been regarded as the perfect times to cleanse and rejuvenate the mind and body for optimal energy and vitality.

During the rain season, pitta and kapha qualities within the body accumulate. This is due to an increase in environmental heat and rainfall resulting in high humidity. This causes our digestive and upper respiratory systems to become sluggish and congested due to accumulation of hot, damp and sour qualities. These accumulations may lead to weakened digestive capacity, reduced immunity and general strength.

As the temperature drops during the Autumn season this accumulated damp heat can become trapped in the channels of circulation and tissues causing imbalance.

It's important not to push the mind and body too hard during this time of year as general strength and vitality is reduced.


Understanding the correct time to cleanse and when to strengthen the body is also key to maintaining good health. If we undergo cleansing procedures in the middle of winter for example the channels of circulation are constricted due to the cold. Blood flow is reduced in the extremities and channels of elimination such the sweat glands are tightened in order to maintain the body’s temperature and homeostatic balance. If cleansing takes place during these times we may end up creating more harm than good. Ayurvedic science recommends that cleansing should be implemented at the beginning of Spring and Autumn when strength is moderate.

In the beginning of the period of hydration (Rainy Season) and the end of the period of dehydration (Summer), weakness prevails in human beings. In the middle of both, strength becomes moderate (Spring/Autumn). However, at the end of the period of hydration and beginning of the period of dehydration (Early winter/Late winter) human beings get considerable amount of strength. (Ca. Sutra. 6:8)

Suitable seasons for cleansing therapies

  • Rain season/Summer– Stabilizing nutrition and lifestyle (Weak strength)
  • Spring/Autumn season – Cleansing and detoxification (Moderate strength)
  • Early winter/Late winter – Strengthening building (Increased strength)

The exact time of cleansing and appropriate procedure should be adopted to ensure an effective outcome. The very same principles also enable us to identify the proper times we nourish and build the body and support various seasonal changes throughout the year, which holds equal importance to cleansing therapies.