Wayne Celeban is a Naturopath and Ayurvedic practitioner with over 18 years experience in clinical practice. His qualification in Ayurvedic medicine was received from one of the leading colleges outside of India under the guidance of the renowned Dr Vijay Murthy (BAMS, MS, B.Nat, MPH, PhD). He has also studied in numerous Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals in India including JSS Ayurvedic University, Mysore. In 2012 Wayne was accepted into the SDM Ayurvedic Hospital and College post-graduate internship program in Hassan, India where he continues his clinical training.

To achieve successful outcomes for his clients, Wayne combines the 5000-year-old traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy with western medical science and nutritional medicine.

Wayne’s special interests are in empowering individuals to be self-reliant in managing their health and wellbeing, Ayurvedic and nutritional medicines, yogic breathing techniques, and integrating evidence-based research for the management of chronic stress, digestive and hormonal disorders.

His experience and knowledge is evident in his professional practice and dedication in developing practical and effective health care programs to support his patients in becoming the best version of themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.​